Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lesson One (1st April 2013)

The first activity was to do with our names and this is a different concept which I myself have not done before. I enjoyed the counting the letters in my names and excited to know the 99th letter in my name. I saw a pattern involved in my counting and needed to know the concept of rote counting. It showed me that I can solve a problem in many ways.

I also learn the 4 ways to teach mathematics to children:
1. Modeling
2. Scaffolding
3. Providing
4. Explaining

I also like the concept of the poker cards. The poker cards are pre arranged. Appoint spelling out the numbers, each card are moved to the bottom of the deck. Then the card is flashed to the audience. It would represent the numerical spelled out. It was fun and needed a lot higher thinking skills to get the order of the poker cards.

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