Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lesson Six (6th April 2013)

The importance of doing the lesson plan are:
1. What do I want the students to learn?
2. How do I know?
3. What if they can’t?
4. What if they already can?

Stages of Learning Subtraction (Simple to Abstract)
Struggling Students
Average Students
Advanced Level Students

Play with Concrete Materials.

E.g: Cubes or Counters

Play with Number Cards.

 E.g:      65-34 = ?
            56-34 = ?
            ……. = ?
            ……. = ?
Rearranging the number cards to get the equations solved.

Play with Number Cards to get the lowest answers.

 E.g: 45-36 = ?

Throughout the six lessons, I have learned good mathematical concept and hope to teach the children the correct way under my care. Thank you Dr Yeap.

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